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Practical Completion Inspection

Finished product, all floor coverings, paint work, all fixtures and fittings installed. This is the most exciting time of your life. However, as any home owner will know, it is also fraught with risk.

This Inspection is an inspection done just before you take ownership of your new home. We will inspect and assess for any defects, compliance errors or poor workmanship on your property.

The defects will be ‘marked up’ with stickers for rectification and will be listed in your report.


  • Brickwork for level, plumbness, straightness and to make sure that it is in line.
  • Cleaning off of mortar from across the faces of the bricks.
  • Chipped bricks and/or holes and other imperfections in the mortar finish.
  • Other external cladding types such as weatherboards for correct fixing etc
  • Correct clearances between the windows and their brick sills.
  • Correct bearing of the brick walls onto the concrete slab.
  • Proper placement of articulation joints, flashings and weepholes.
  • Guttering, fascia and eaves for their level, straightness and correct installation.
  • Colorbond gutters, fascias and flashings for damage to their pre finished paintwork.
  • Roofline and tile installation.
  • Glazing for scratches and chips.
  • In fills, cover boards and linings are checked for correct installation.


  • Doors for correct hanging and operation.
  • Windows for fitting.
  • Walls and the skirting boards for their straightness
  • Plaster joints for tool marks, scratches and sanding ridges.
  • Ceilings for correct installation and for visible joints.
  • Cornice lines for levelness and straightness.
  • External corners for their straightness and to ensure that they are in line.
  • Tiling & grouting for level, straightness and finish.
  • Tile junctions and joints
  • Cut-outs around taps for correct sizing.
  • Painted surfaces for coverage, blemishes and paint runs.
  • Nail holes are also checked for proper filling.
    • Kitchen cupboards and vanities and the bench tops for scratches and correct installation.
    • All other plumbing fixture and fittings for correct installation.

Roof Cavity

Insulation for coverage, snugness of fit and depth

    • Heating platform for correct instalment
    • Roof sarking if fitted.
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